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A Personal Note . . .


I am pleased that you are visiting this website and I hope that you

will allow me to partner with you on your journey toward wholeness. 


Whatever your challenge is today, I am ready to work with you toward change.


In today's world, often times situations or circumstances occur that are beyond our control.  Our lives can change in an instant.  Other times, our challenges are ongoing and have persisted over a period of time.   Whatever the case -- challenges, unexpected change, or tragedy severely impact our lives.  An unexpected death in the family . . . constant marital conflict and threat of divorce . . . witnessing a traumatic event or reliving a past event . . . behavior problems . . . addictions . . . and the list can go on and on.

When trouble comes, making a decision to seek help through "talk therapy" is a giant step toward healing or resolving situations.  I have a very specific style and approach to working with people.  My training is comprehensive and intensive.  However, I do not believe that one specific model or theoretical approach works for everyone.  I am a Christian and over the past six years while completing a clinical practicum, professional development training, and starting a private practice, I have been able to refine the fine art of balancing therapeutic methods with Christian principles.  I work with couples and all populations.  Trauma-related issues, depression, anxiety, anger management, life transitions, compassion fatigue, and relationship challenges are my specialties.

My goal is to help my clients come to a place of healing no matter how long it takes.  The journey to your best self may be short or long -- either way, I am here to help.  Everyone is unique in their own way, and therefore, one size does not fit all when it comes to therapy.  I am offering free 15-minute telephone consultations.  Call me at 864/606-4690 and let's discover together if I am the right fit for you to help you on your journey toward wholeness.

Grace and Peace,

Vicki J. Cathcart

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